Hello, I'm Yi-Hsuan

UX Designer passionate about creating engaging, inclusive experience.

I always ask myself WHY and HOW during the problem solving process.

Selected Projects

UX Research

Web Design


Booking Care - Institution Searching Website

Help dementia caregivers find proper dementia institution.

Macbook Air - Light Background.png
Macbook Air - Light Background.png

App Design


UI/UX Design

Debate Time

Help college student make decision efficiently.

Side Project

UX Research

Interface Design

EZTrip-Traveling Website

Help travelers collect place of interest; share optional places with friends and family.

Fun Things I did

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image 12.png

Data Visualization 

Brief visualization about food delivery industry, genres and region based on designed survey.

扮桌吃老虎 加上骰子 logo.png

Logo Design 

Designing for Board Game.